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How to Download a Video from Snack Video App?

Snack Video (Kwai) is a social media platform that allows users to interact each other by sharing short videos.

By using this Snack Video Downloader app, you can directly download the video without the hassle of installing any software first.

To download videos on Snack Video, please carefully follow:

1) First, you must already have installed the kwai app.
2) The next is to find the video you want to download and save offline.
3) Click the share icon from the screen bottom, then select the “Copy Link”.
4) The last step is pasting the kwai URL into the URL field download above. The URl example is: or something like this×tamp=1594256460928&language=in-id&et=1_a%2F4677789060178147785_h158&fid=150000081609639

For more details on how to Download Videos (Audio and Photo) from Snack, please follow these steps:


How to Download Snack Video Online Free

Basically, what is most needed here is the URL of the Snack which we will extract the video files (audio and photo) so that they can be downloaded and saved offline on your device, either a computer or smartphone. Copy the URL of Snack's Video, then paste it into the Download form input provided above.


Snack Video Downloader Online Free

You don't even need to click the Download button, the URL will automatically be processed by PasteDownload to find Video, Audio and Photo files that you might be able to download. After the downloading process is complete, the Download Button will be available along with complete information about the size, quality and resolution of the file to be downloaded. Right Click -> Save link as.., or Touch and Hold -> Download link for Smartphone, to download it to your device. Done...

Question and Solution

Is PasteDownload Safe?

Absolutely yes!, PasteDownload is an online based video downloader. No software or app installation required. We guarantee that PasteDownload is 100% safe!.

Private Video Downloader

If you have private videos from one of these platforms: Facebook, Instagram or VK, which cannot be downloaded with a regular downloader. You may use the following Private Video Downloader:

  1. Private Facebook Video Downloader.
  2. Private Instagram Video Downloader.
  3. Private VK Video Downloader.

Almost all the video, both private and public, can be downloaded easily through the applications above.

Video Format and Quality

PasteDownload supports popular video formats such as MP4, MP3, MKV, and others. You can select the video quality ranging from Low Quality level 144p up to 1080p Full HD by clicking the Download button before downloading it.

What Video Site is Supported by PasteDownload?

PasteDownload supports so much popular video sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter,, Dailymotion, Vimeo, SnackVideo, VK, BiliBili, and many others. You can say PasteDownload as "Universal Video Downloader" or "Any Site Video Downloader", because it supports almost any popular video sites out there. Below are some of them.

I'm Having Download Problems

If you're having trouble downloading videos on PasteDownload, it's either an error or a specific problem that shouldn't be happening. You can always contact our Technical Support via the Contact Form provided. Please describe clearly what kind of problem you are experiencing. Submit a screenshot of the error, if any, including the video URL, the type of device and browser you are using. This report is important to speed up the repair process that we will do. Usually, we'll have it fixed in less than 24 hours. Depending on the level of difficulty of the problem experienced.