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Copy and Paste (URL) to Download the Video Automatically

Pastedownload.com is a Free Online Video Downloader service to download videos, photos and audio MP3 (All in One) from several popular websites such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. (more details can be seen in the description of Supported Websites list. You also don't need to install any application first to use this tool.

It should also be underlined that here Pastedownload.com only acts as an intermediary site, meaning that all files you download are not stored on our website server. We only help to convert the URL link so that it is easy to download and not complicated of course.

On the other hand, we also do not store any files that contain copyright, because the files you download directly are obtained from the CDN (Content Delivery Network) of each website provider. More complete information can be read on the page Copyright Notice.

Why Choose Paste Download?

Paste Download now supports more than 500+ video sites on internet. You are able to read more about the information here Universal Video Downloader. In addition, Paste Download also has several other advantages including:

  • Supports more than 500+ videos (Universal Video Downloader)
  • Clean, No Popads or any other type of advertisement that annoy users
  • Resume Download Support
  • Safe, because users do not need to install any software first to download videos
  • There is no trap download link
  • Easy and User Friendly Navigation
  • The core of website is updated regularly
  • And others

New Update!

  • New Video Support: Odysee Video Downloader (18/10/2020)
  • New Video Support: NEJM.org Video Downloader (12/10/2020)
  • Improved: MSN.com Video Downloader (10/10/2020)
  • New Video support: JOJ.sk Video Downloader (07/10/2020)
  • New Video support: Brand New Tube Video Downloader Improvement (27/09/2020)
  • New Video support: Streamable, Lbry.tv, Lanacion, Brandnewtube (21/09/2020)
  • New Video support: Loom Video Downloader (02/09/2020)
  • New Video support and improvement: Rumble and Lbry.tv Video Downloader (01/09/2020)
  • New Video support added: Brighteon Video Downloader (23/08/2020)
  • New Video support added: Linkedin Video Downloader (17/08/2020)
  • New Video support added: BitChute.com, Wave.Video and Cienciaysaludnatural.com Video Downloader (10/08/2020)
  • New Video support added: Lasexta Video Downloader (01/08/2020)
  • New Video support added: VkMag Video Downloader && Dailybuzz.nl Video Downloader (26/07/2020)
  • New Video support added: Gogoanime Video Downloader && Kapwing Studio Project Video Download (21/07/2020)
  • Facebook Video Downloader internal system improvement and bug fixes. (14/07/2020)
  • New site support added: Snack Video Downloader (09/07/2020)
  • New site support added: Topbuzz Video Downloader (05/07/2020)
  • Reddit Video Downloader bug fixed and System Improvement (01/07/2020)
  • Added new support: Noodlemagazine Video Downloader. (27/06/2020)
  • [New] Internal System Improvement and bug fixed. (22/06/2020)
  • [New] Download Resume Support Added. Failed to download can be resumed without worrying start over from the beginning. (22/06/2020)
  • [Main Update] Universal Video Download support has been added. (10/06/2020)
  • [New] KakaoTV Video Download support has been added. (05/06/2020)
  • [New] AOL Video Download support has been added. (04/06/2020)
  • [New] Likee Video Download support has been added. (02/06/2020)
  • [New] Private Instagram Video and Photo Downloader errors. (26/05/2020)
  • Fixed Instagram Video Downloader. (26/05/2020)
  • [New] Aparat Video Downloader. (16/05/2020)
  • [Fixed] VK Downloading problem. (06/05/2020)
  • [New] Coub.com Video Meme Downloader (03/05/2020)
  • [New] Vlive.tv Video Downloader (01/05/2020)
  • [Improved] It's now supported to download a private video from VK.com. Feel the different! (26/04/2020)
  • [Improved] (Private) Facebook Video Downloader has been improved. Minor bug fixes. (25/04/2020)
  • [New] Myspace Video Downloader. (24/04/2020)
  • [New] Reddit Video (Gif) Downloader. (24/04/2020)
  • Minor fixes of the TikTok Video Downloader. (24/04/2020)
  • [Fixed] Soundcloud MP3 Downloader. (24/04/2020)
  • [Improved] You are able to download youtube video from Google search without needing to open the link (youtube). You just need to copy the google result of youtube video url and pasting it in the form. the URL example is https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&ved=2ahUKEwjli4mB2OjoAhVLF6wKHdGaAKUQtwIwAnoECAwQOg&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DhSqm2VV9Dv8&usg=AOvVaw3jY_nbKv_LWLDCrnbzbO_K (15/04/2020)
  • [Improved] Download Tiktok Video without watermark. (1/04/2020)
  • [New] User Notification Request to reload the page when download server is down (11/04/2020)
  • [Added] New service has been added: Anime-on-demand.de Video Downloader (29/03/2020)
  • [Added] The new version of Ok.ru video Downloader. (27/03/2020)
  • [Added] New service has been added: Bilibili.com Video Downloader (27/03/2020)
  • [Fixed+Improved] Youtube Video Downloader. (20/03/2020)
  • [Improved] Pinterest URL shortener is now supported -> https://pin.it/1p8chMB. (18/03/2020)
  • [Fixed] Soundcloud MP3 Downloader. Enjoy it! (17/03/2020)
  • We have migrated to New Download Server. Enjoy and thanks for the all supports. (05/03/2020)
  • [Fixed] Buzzfeed and IMDB Downloader. (27/02/2020)
  • [Fixed] 9GAG Image and Video Downloader. (27/02/2020)
  • [Fixed] Social Share Buttons. (26/02/2020)
  • [New] Pinterest Images and Videos Downloader. (22/02/2020)
  • [Fixed] TikTok Video Downloader. (20/02/2020)
  • Optimized Website Performance!. (16/02/2020)
  • [Fixed] Dailymotion Video Downloader. (28/01/2020)
  • [Fixed] Soundcloud MP3 Downloader. (16/12/2019)
  • [Fixed] Dailymotion Video Downloader. (15/12/2019)
  • Youtube to MP3 Converter added and download bugs fixed. (14/09/2019)
  • Fixed, OK.RU Video Downloader. (04/09/2019)
  • Twitter Video Downloader has been Improved, Bugs fixed. (31/08/2019)
  • Now, Pastedownload.com has supported to download video from closed or private group by pasting page source code into form input. More info click -> Facebook Private Video Downloader. (17/08/2019)
  • [Fixed] Tumblr Video Downloader. (03/08/2019)
  • New Indonesia translation added. You can select between two languages as English or Indonesia by clicking Pilih Bahasa Select Dropdown. (29/07/2019)
  • [Fixed] Error while direct download Youtube video by changing url form mobile browser. For example https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dBTTZqAFQYI becomes https://m.pastedownload.com/watch?v=dBTTZqAFQYI. (27/07/2019)
  • [Fixed] Buzzfeed Video Downloader. (26/07/2019)
  • [Fixed] Break.com Video Downloader. (22/07/2019)
  • [Fixed] IMDB Video Downloader. (20/07/2019)
  • [Fixed] Flickr Downloader (Video and Image Support Added). (20/07/2019)
  • To download a Youtube video through web browser, now You just need to replace the word "youtube" with "pastedownload". For example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZhm7-g-LhI becomes https://www. pastedownload.com/watch?v=dZhm7-g-LhI . (07/15/2019)
  • Now just by pasting the URL, the system will process automatically without needing to click the Download button first. It's easier ... (07/15/2019)

How to Download Video on Pastedownload.com (Tutorial)

It's very easy to download a video from Youtube. There are two options available, first through a web browser such as Chrome or Mozilla, (via Smartphone or PC) and second one through applications such as Youtube or Youtube Go. In the first tutorial we will discuss how to download a Youtube video on Pastedownload.com via a web browser, follow the steps below:

First open the Google Chrome application, either on your smartphone or computer, then enter the address www.youtube.com. After the Youtube page opens, find the video you want. For smartphone, just Touch and Hold (don't click) on the video image you want to download until a popup description appears and click Copy URL. Now this is the URL we will paste in the input form of the Pastedownload.com. More complete, please see the video tutorial that we have made below:

The next tutorial is how to download a Youtube video on Youtube and Youtube Go applications. It's easier than before, first open the Youtube application or Youtube Go, then search for the video you want to download. I have found out the video, wait don't play the video, but click the vertical triple dot (⋮) on the bottom right side of the video, click Share , and click again Copy the link. Then open Pastedownload.com through the Google Chrome, and paste the URL. Click the Download button, wait a moment, the download link will be available automatically. For more details, please watch the tutorial video below:

It's simple as copy and paste to download a Facebook video on Pastdownload.com. Like Youtube, there are two options available on Facebook, Via a browser like Chrome or Mozilla and via the Standard Youtube application (Youtube Lite does not support). First we will discuss how to download a Facebook video via Chrome browser (Smartphone or PC).

After you find a video that you want to download, we need the URL to be pasted to Input form at Pastedownload.com. How to get the URL on smartphone browser, Touch and Hold on the post date of the video until the popup appears then tap on Copy URL . On a PC or Computer, just right-click the status post date then Copy the link address . For more details, watch the tutorial video below:

Now we are going to the next step tutorial on how to download a video on the Facebook application. All you need is the video URL to be pasted to the input form above. Open the standard Facebook application, not the Lite one, because it doesn't support. After that, find the video you want to download. Once obtained, click the colon (⋮) then Copy the link . Paste it into the input form and click the Download button. Examples of live practice can be seen in the video below:

How to Download Video (Quick Hint)

It's easy, just copy (Copy and Paste) the URL of the video you want to download from the list of supported sites. Then press the Download button, wait a second, the download link will be soon available.

Download Audios (MP3)

Enjoy and listen to your favorite songs offline from some of the most popular song sites like Soundcloud, TED, YouTube, Bandcamp and many more.