How to Download a Facebook Private Video?

You can download facebook private video with this tool easily. Download and save Facebook private video for free without speed limit. Copy and paste page source here. To download a private Facebook video, You need to Copy the page source and then Paste it in the input text form above. For chrome browser, add view-source: at the beginning of url and then Enter. For example: view-source: Select all and Copy. Please note: You must replace >wwwweb in the url with 'm' to make it works. Closed and Private Facebook group supported.

How to Download Video (Quick Hint)

It's easy, just copy (Copy and Paste) the URL of the video you want to download from the list of supported sites. Then press the Download button, wait a second, the download link will be soon available.

Download Audios (MP3)

Enjoy and listen to your favorite songs offline from some of the most popular song sites like Soundcloud, TED, YouTube, Bandcamp and many more.